Can I Scam You?

Short answer – no. First, if I don’t know you, I am not going to accept a check from you. Any unsolicited checks will be shredded once received. This makes me immune from the fake check schemes. I am not seeking employment, so an employer sending me a check is not likely to happen. If I was gullible enough to accept the check, I will wait until the check clears before I assume it to be mine.

Next, I am not going to fall for the FBI, DEA, IRS, or other three letter acronym calling me telling me there is a warrant for my arrest. If I do get such a call, I will call the official number of said agency, and will inquire with them directly. I will not get gift cards, and give you the numbers to satisfy said warrant.

I am not going to go into any investment (especially secret ones) with people that wrote to me a couple of times. I will not disclose my banking information to any stranger. This is almost begging to be robbed.

Next, any instance where someone is going to ask me for money – here is the issue. I do¬†not give, or lend money to people I never met. I could have known this person for years, but if we never met, I am not going to give money. If I do decide to give money, then I would assume that I will never see that money again. I don’t care if you are madly in love with me after a few emails, and I need to save your mother from some ailment that only my money can do.

And since I am not seeking a long distance relationship, I will not be helping “the love of my life” with plane tickets to come and visit me. Also, it is unlikely that a friend will come to visit me as well. And again, if we never met – I am not giving you money.