Heart Breaking Story

So, you correspond with someone you met on the Internet. They wrote a few times (maybe even 10). However, they need your money¬†NOW! If you don’t give them money, they will likely get evicted, or their mother will die. It doesn’t matter, but there is some heart break story because they are in some unfortunate circumstance that only you can save them from.

9 times out of 10, it is a lie. Plain and simple. And keep in mind that they are not only telling their heart break story to you, but everyone in their contacts. If they are emailing 15 people, then they are giving a story to 15 people, and not just you. If you wish to give them money, that is your choice, but once you give them money one time, they are now going to look at you as their piggy bank with more heart-breaking stories to feed you. Obviously, if you don’t support them with money, they may send you an email about how you are going to hell for not helping them, and will likely never hear from them again. If you don’t hear from them again – that would be a good thing.

I personally carry a policy to never give money to people I never met. I also assume that if I “lend” someone money, I will not get it back. If I do – good, but if not – I was already prepared for that.