Drop Ship

This is a devious scam, as it actually might pay you to perform in the scam. The idea is that the scammer will ask to use your address to receive items, and then you ship the items to them. They would obviously cover the postage, and give you some money in return. However, the items you are receiving are stolen items. When the authorities look at the criminal, they will look at you first since all of the stolen items are coming to your address. Obviously, you aren’t sending the items to someone else, but likely selling them for profit. In best case scenario, you are charged with receiving stolen goods. At worst, you are being charged with being the mastermind of such scheme.

How to solve this, the first answer is to say no to being a drop shipper. If the person persists, terminate the relationship with them. Although, I personally terminate any would be scam artist, but this one with intent.