I Love You Scam

This person very quickly falls madly in love with you. They want to meet you, and see if they can make a connection. They may even promise to do nice things for you. There is just one catch. They need a plane ticket. Here is the thing, if they need money for a plane ticket, they will likely need money for a hotel room, transportation, and food. This would never be known, because once they get your money for the airplane ticket, you will never hear from them again. If you do, then they needed the money to resolve some heart break story, and will need more money. Keep in mind, this is likely a “professional” person with a good job that needs your assistance.

As mentioned in another page, if I never met you in person – I will not give you money. Obviously, I will be the worst person in the world, and I can accept that. However, if you give money to someone, expect it to never be returned, or compensated for. The person will not take a plane trip to visit you.