Google Voice Scam

This scam is simple. A contact is initiated by the scammer, and the idea is that you have to prove you’re not a scammer by giving them a 6 digit number from Google Voice. You give them the code, and then they have no need to contact you again. Here is why. They want a free US telephone number. The reason for this is they can use the telephone number to set bank accounts, and “prove” they are in the United States. In reality, companies should not be making a US telephone number as proof they live in the US. One can buy a US telephone number from Callcentric for $1.00/month. But now that you gave them the 6 digit code, they can provide that to Google, and get their Google Voice telephone number. If you have Google Voice, you might find out that your number has been taken from your account. This is because you gave someone that 6 digit code.

So how do you protect yourself from this scam? Well, simply put – do¬†NOT give any secret codes sent to you. Even if you have no intention on getting Google Voice, you would not want someone to be able to use your phone number for their fraudulent behavior. If there is a trail of fraud, the legal authorities might be investigating you because your phone number is used with their activity. If a person does not wish to associate with you because you don’t give a 6 digit code, then so be it. Giving a 6 digit code is likely to prove the requestor to be a scammer rather than it proving you are not a scammer. This could also apply to services you use such as your bank, of messaging platforms. As mentioned, do not give any secret codes to anyone other than the service you requested the code from.