Warrant Scam

This is a simple tactic, but obviously effective. A call comes in and shows your local police’s phone number as the caller ID. When you answer it, the person goes into dramatic and pressuring detail that there is a warrant out for your arrest, but you can satisfy the warrant by paying them a bit of money. They will also tell you that if you terminate the call, the police will be at your door within minutes. You must follow their instructions to a tee, and you deviate from their instructions, the warrant will not be satisfied.

Here is the catch. First, the number on the Caller ID is spoofed. Refer to my Spoof CID page for details in how that works. This is the first line the caller will use. You see the local police station’s number, so obviously, they are legitimate. They would also usually require a form of payment, either with your credit card or gift cards. If you owe the local government money, then that is a fine – and the police will not be at your door within minutes. Instead, they will mail you a reminder that you owe money, and if you ignore them, then there will be a warrant. However, once a warrant is issued, then there is no way to satisfy the warrant by using gift cards. Again, you can not satisfy a warrant with gift cards!

In this instance, you should hang up, and call your local police station directly. If there is a warrant, you would know for sure then. At which point, you can find out what you must do to satisfy the warrant.