Privacy Policy

Who Am I?

My name is Frank S. Pilone. These various sites that I own, and create content is on a personal level, and is not intended for professional reasons. I do not sell items, nor do I ask for money on any of my sites.

What Personal Data We Collect and Why We Collect it?

No personal data is collected nor harvested. I use an analytical platform to get generic information about visits. However, I do not know specific information unless you were to disclose that to me. The information I receive is statistical information only, and nothing that can be tied to you, or what pages you visit.

An exception is comments made on my blog site ( Comments made on this site will display on that site only. The content you write will remain on the site until I decide it isn’t appropriate. At which point, I will then remove the comment from the site.

Who I Share Data With?

Since I do not collect any data, there is no data I share. Also, since I am not using an SEO service, there is no data from the browser logs that will be provided to the company.

Data will be shared with local or US federal law enforcement when issued with a warrant. Since I am not experienced with browser logs, there will be no assistance with me in deciphering the log files.

Email Privacy

For personal correspondence, I provide a single email address. All email can be considered as private unless I know of it violating any legal laws within the United States of America. Any emails violating such laws will be forwarded to the appropriate agency for them to review, and make decisions. Any legal email is private, although saved on Google’s Gmail services. The email is likely scanned by Google’s ad engine in attempts to market items or resources to me. It is against Google’s policy for their employees to read any email stored on their servers.

Using the message form within my contact site also has similar policies to my email. Sending a message there will get a response unless the message is inappropriate.

Data Breach Procedures

Since this is a personal site, and not a business, the chances of me being worth the time and effort for a hacker to breach my site is minimal. Since I do not collect any data (with exception to blog comments), I have nothing of value to collect.


If you should have any questions about the privacy policy, you would want to Message Me.