Bank Scam

This is pretty simple. The scammer will ask you to open a bank account for them. There could be many reasons why, but the goal is simple. They will even go the extra step to tell you that they don’t need or want you to deposit money in it. Some will even go the extra step to pay you to open the account. Simply put, a bank account they have access to that is in someone else’s name is a gold mine for them. In addition, US bank accounts are even more valuable to the scammer as most if not all of their targets are in the US. This just makes it easier for them to steal money from their victims.

So what happens. You open the bank account, and the scammer will use some other scam to get the victim to deposit money into the account you set up. Since banks require that they have proof of identity, the account is tied to you. It is not tied to scammer. So when victims files a complaint with law enforcement, they will trace the bank account to you. Since you are the owner of the account, and this is the account that the victim’s money went to, you are the one charged. In the meantime, the scammer will withdraw the money immediately – usually using BitCoin which is untraceable.

So how do you not fall victim? Simply put, do NOT cooperate with anyone that involves money. This includes sending BitCoin, opening accounts, or anything of the sort. You don’t have to give a reason why, but when someone asks you to open an account, simply say no. If they persists, then terminate communication with them.