Wrong Number

This scam uses SMS, and sometimes WhatsApp to get the scammer to communicate with you. In most cases, it is SMS (the standard text message on the cellular phone), and seems innocent enough until you let your guard down. Once that happens, they have you.

This scam is pretty simple. You get a message from an unknown number that has an innocent enough message. Such a message may say “We are still on for tomorrow?”. The goal is to get you to respond with “wrong number” or something of the sort. Eventually, they apologize and then tries to strike up a conversation with you. They may then ask about where you live, and sooner or later – they will ask about your job. This seems to be important to the scammer as they want both your information, and money. The goal is to get you to invest in some crypto-currency, or they may perform a Heart Break Story. Their first priority is your money with the second one being personal information.

Common sense is the key. Let your gut help you. If something sounds suspicious, or too good to be true, then 9 times out of 10, it is. Me personally, I won’t tell someone something that I wouldn’t want 7.5 Billion people to know. I also refuse to cooperate in anything that involves my money no matter how much the person tries to persist. If the scam artist becomes persistent, you can always block them on your phone. You could also provide the SMS message to the authorities.