Voice Hijack Scam

This scam requires the scammer to have voice cloning software, and software to spoof ID (both resources available on the dark web). Obviously, the main goal will be to trick your loved ones in to giving them money. Once you send them the money, they no longer need you. This can then possibly cause a rift between you and the loved one assuming that you might have been a part of the scam.

So, how does it work? Well, the scammer will need about 30 seconds of your voice (most voicemail greetings are longer than that). Once they have enough to clone your voice, they will then use the CID spoofing software to show your number, and use your voice. Obviously, the loved one will assume it is you. “You” will need money to get out of trouble, or you been kidnapped. If the kidnappers don’t get the money, they might physical harm, or worse.

So, how do you defeat the scam? Well, one of two things can be done. First, if the phone is a cellular phone (most are), then send an SMS from your cell phone to your loved one’s phone. Since the scam artist is using Call Spoofing software, they don’t actually have the phone. Your real friend will likely reply with the SMS with a confused questioning. Since the fake never received the SMS, they have no idea that you did a test to them. The second thing to do is hang up, and actually call your loved one. If they answer, you can ask them questions about the last call. Again, if they seemed confused, then you know it was a scam.

You could also use a “password” system with your loved ones. This is a simple word that would be easy to remember, and almost impossible for the scammers to guess in one try. If the fake you calls, and you ask for the password, they won’t know it since only your loved ones knows the safety password. Just remember, that “your loved one” may not be your loved one if they are “in trouble”. Always contact your friend first before assuming that they are in trouble.