Yes Scam

This is a little tricky on the scammer’s part. They will call you, and mentioned that they can’t hear you, and will ask if you can hear them. The natural thing to do will be to say “Yes”. This is how they get you. They will use that “Yes” that they recorded to cut and crop the word Yes and paste it in a conversation for you to authorize a significant purchase on your card.

So, how do you fight this scam? Well, it will involve some training on your part. Instead of saying yes, you confirm that you are affirmative in their question. So, if you hear “Can you hear me?”, then you reply with “I can hear you”. Do NOT say yes. Again, we have conditioned ourselves to say yes. We need to recondition ourselves to confirm rather than saying yes. This will apply to any communication that involves audio communication (phone call, VOIP, Video Call). I go one step further, and hang up when they say they can’t hear me.